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CryptonsQ is the driving force behind Online Entertainment!

We are introducing you to the cryptocurrency project which will change the face of Online Entertainment Industry now worth $2 trillion. Join the world of CryptonsQ!

CryptonsQ is the driving force behind Online Entertainment!

What is CryptonsQ?

CryptonsQ is a digital currency based on the blockchain technology that will become a universal means of payment among businesses operating in the Online Entertainment industry.This cryptocurrency will create a new kind of relationship and added value between content creators and consumers, giving them a payment solution that is secure, independent and free of commission from intermediaries.

CryptonsQ was created to solve the most important problems hindering the development of the Online Entertainment industry. Its mission is to significantly facilitate the creation of the content by the media, film and entertainment producers, and to improve the cash flow between creators and consumers. With the introduction of a new decentralised and universal currency into the ecosystem, it will finally be possible to implement innovative projects, such as the equivalent of Netflix based on the blockchain network.

CryptonsQ Pre-Ico

So that everyone across the world can join the CryptonsQ project, it is developed on an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) basis, enabling the purchase of tokens starting with the very first phases of its creation. The project is intended for all those interested in earning money from blockchain technology, especially cryptocurrency investors who are looking for the most innovative projects in leading and fast-growing sectors of internet economy.

The final result of our work will be the creation of an ultra-secure and stable cryptocurrency, which can be used by hundreds of millions of users and businesses, and its introduction to all the largest cryptocurrency stock exchanges, thus enabling a smooth exchange between CryptonsQ and other cryptocurrencies in use around the world.

Currently, the distribution of 5 million tokens in the Pre-Ico phase, at the rate of EUR 0.08 EUR per 1 QST, is taking place. The campaign started this July, and there is no restriction on the minimum purchase volumes. The price will be increasing across the coming Pre-Ico phases, until it reaches EUR 0.13 EUR per 1 QST.

The project is scheduled to be completed in Q2 2020.
100 million CryptonsQ tokens will be available.

The key financing data for the project:

Soft cap: 450 000 USD
Hard cap: 1 300 000 USD

The use of collected resources

The financing obtained in all phases of the project will be distributed as follows:

50% - Development of the platform and the cryptocurrency itself

The cost of creating the ultra-secure cryptocurrency which can be exchanged by millions of users at the same time. It is based on smart contracts with the best properties for the Online Entertainment industry.

12% - Research and development

The scale of CryptonsQ implementation requires state-of-the-art technologies and goes beyond the currently known technical solutions and their limitations, such as the development of protocols handling more than 1.3 million transactions every day.

20% - Marketing and community building

The dissemination of CryptonsQ among the major players and users of the Online Entertainment industry has been one of the key activities since the very beginning of the project. It requires advanced and effective marketing strategies.

8% - Rights and exceptions

Legal issues related to the cryptocurrency exchange and safekeeping, as well as proprietary copyrights to projects based on the cryptocurrency.

10% - Business development

The implementation of the cryptocurrency in the ecosystem will require the support of many business partners and the establishment of contacts and cooperation with the largest media and entertainment corporations.


Development through CryptonsQ

The potential of using QST in the world of Online Entertainment is enormous. New gaming projects are already being created based on CryptonsQ, supported and created by business practitioners with many successes to their name.

How can I benefit?


CryptonsQ is an innovative online currency assigned the QST symbol. It is a decentralised currency, i.e. one which is not issued by a central issuing institution. It is also independent of banks, governments and other bodies. Such currency knows no borders, and is available wherever the Internet (or mobile phone network) is available. CryptonsQ will allow its instant transfer anywhere in the world, bypassing banks or other intermediaries, and thus eliminating costly commissions, limits and restrictions.

How can I invest in the tokens?
How can I invest in the tokens?

The QST tokens are not yet available on any cryptocurrency exchange, but as they are sold on a Pre-Ico basis, you can purchase them directly from this website. The acquisition price of QST tokens will increase with the subsequent phases of project financing. The biggest rise in the value of the cryptocurrency will be experienced by those who purchase it in the first phase of the currency's distribution. To become a QST owner, complete the contact form below and enter the amount you wish to designate for the acquisition of the cryptocurrency.

Why Online Entertainment?
Why Online Entertainment?

The online entertainment industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the online economy, which is currently in need of considerable changes and a good degree of independence from global media corporations and payment providers. Analysts estimate it at over two trillion dollars. It has great potential for innovation implementation and it is open to next-generation technologies, especially blockchain-based solutions.

Why can the QST price increase?
Why can the QST price increase?

The increase in the price of CryptonsQ will be related to its growing usability for the Online Entertainment industry. The more people use it to settle accounts between creators and consumers, the more desirable and more expensive it will be. The increase in its value will also be influenced by its entry onto the cryptocurrency exchange and the strictly limited and controlled number of available tokens.


The price of cryptocurrencies are very highly volatile. It is common for prices to increase or decrease by over 100% in a single day. Although this could mean potential huge profits, this also could mean potential huge losses. DO NOT INVEST ALL YOUR MONEY IN CRYPTOCURRENCIES. Only invest money which you are willing to lose. Cryptocurrency trading may not be suitable for all users of this website. Anyone looking to invest in cryptocurrencies should consult a fully qualified independent professional financial adviser.